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High demand for private investments in retirement accounts

Too few qualified professionals to help them.

Vetted provides the turnkey platform for your business

The Platform

Vetted offers a turnkey white-label platform that handles the entire back office operations of a fully functional self-directed retirement plan facilitation company.  Concentrate on helping people with their private investments in their retirement accounts and attracting new customers.  Let us onboard them onto your platform and manage the rest.    ​ Be ready to launch your retirement account offering in less than three weeks.  

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More than 30 automated email templates. Branded to your company for customers, partners, and internals to keep people engaged and your team informed on how to provide great service. Or, to make it look like you have a large team working for you.  

Give Your Customers Checkbook Control

Each customer receives a fully compliant IRA asset trust or IRA LLC, complete with EIN number and FDIC insured bank account.  


What it does...

  • Your customers get a portal that will delight them and make you look like you spent a fortune on technology. 

  • We do all of the administration and offer you guidance on running your self-directed retirement plan administration company. 

  • The platform manages billing and subscription information and deposits the cash directly to your bank account.

  • We take away the worry of working with custodians and banks to be sure your customers get the best experience.

  • You can build your business your way, with full control.

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Client Portal

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Automated Messaging


Help With Permissability

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