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Fibre Optics

Technology For Alternative Investments In Retirement Accounts

Assuring Compliance and Accelerating Growth

Rooted In Data

Capturing data surrounding non-standardized assets is at the core of solving for growth as well as eliminating the problems related to alternative investments in retirement plans. Information about the structure of these assets, the parties involved in their acquisition and disposition, as well as their ongoing activities need to be understood by stakeholders.

It starts with simple questions.......

Simplified and condensed into logic enabled smart forms, Vetted collects the needed information about non-standardized assets.  The perspective is from multiple types of stake-holders, use cases and purposes.

Demo vid

  Currently providing free access to the beta version of the permissibility scrubbing tool. 
access to the beta for your organization.

Thank you for requesting access to our beta version of the permissibility scrubbing tool. We will reach out to you within the next 24 hours to give you access.

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